Food and Drink

 ‘So what do you sell?’

(actual quote from a potential customer/genius)

Quite simply, we’re here to serve you food and drinks, and to make sure you leave happy!   Our focus is to provide freshly made, quality products at a value that makes clear, logical sense to everyone.

We love plates!

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Gluten intolerance Breakfast guide

We believe presenting you with freshly cooked food is important.  We also like to provide a range of options including catering for all diets.  We like to be flexible and serve breakfast all day.

As well meaning as this sounds, it does sometimes slow us down, we’re only human. During very busy periods there may be a 30 minute wait, if you’re in a hurry feel free to call ahead to order.

We don’t have space to bake our own cakes, but can highly recommend these local ladies who we have been working with for years.  You can collect your cake from us or they will deliver locally over a certain amount…

Rachel specialises in celebration cakes and has the magical power of making vegan and gluten free cakes taste better than the original… …You can buy any flavour, including Christmas cakes, for your party on 07944069176

We also use the skills of fabulous and chocolate loving Pat Lawless.  Her Millionaires and Rocky roads are simply divine, but she also produces beautiful vegan and gluten free options, you can reach her on 07546550651